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In a world where work and opportunities are scarce Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud rail against the trappings of a successful lifestyle held out of their reach, and seek life through the point of a needle. Published in 1993, Irvine Welsh's cult novel Trainspotting defined a generation and remains one of the most important, hard-hitting stories of our time.

Gareth Nicholls' acclaimed production honours both the iconic novel and Danny Boyle's famous film adaptation, while creating a hard-hitting and poignant theatre show about urban alienation and young lives under pressure.

A critically-acclaimed sell-out in 2016, we're bringing back this production by popular public demand - don't leave it too late to book your tickets!

The production will also tour to the King’s Theatre Edinburgh, presented by Selladoor Scotland.

    18 Oct7.30pm Preview
    19 Oct7.30pm Preview
    20 Oct7.30pm
    21 Oct7.30pm
    24 Oct7.30pm Discussion
    25 Oct7.30pm
    26 Oct7.30pm
    27 Oct7.30pm Signed
    28 Oct2.30pm
    28 Oct7.30pm
    31 Oct7.30pm
    1 Nov1.30pm
    1 Nov7.30pm
    2 Nov7.30pm
    3 Nov7.30pm
    4 Nov2.30pm Audio Described, Captioned
    4 Nov7.30pm
    7 Nov7.30pm
    8 Nov7.30pm
    9 Nov7.30pm
    10 Nov7.30pm
    11 Nov2.30pm
    11 Nov7.30pm

  • Cast & Creative Team
    Creative Team

    Director - Gareth Nicholls 

    Designer - Max Jones 

    Lighting Designer - Philip Gladwell

    Associate Lighting Designer - Marec Joyce

    Composer - Michael John McCarthy

    Movement Director - EJ Boyle


    Renton - Lorn Macdonald 

    Sick Boy / Tommy - Angus Miller 

    Spud - Gavin Jon Wright 

    Begbie / Mother Superior - Martin McCormick

    Alison / Dianne - Chloe-Anne Tylor


“And if you want further proof that Trainspotting is one of the great, iconic narratives of the last 25 years, then you should beat a path to the Citizens’ Theatre, where this sharply-timed revival of Harry Gibson’s stage version – emerging just in advance
- The Scotsman, 2016 production

“everything a theatre production should be”
- Broadway World , 2016 production

“Nicholls shows Trainspotting still speaks loudly, scabrously and irreverently about urban alienation and young lives under pressure”
- The Guardian, 2016 production

“The cast of five, led by Lorn Macdonald as Renton…make the material their own.”
- The Herald, 2016 production

“To take on such a production takes courage; to both recognise and subvert expectation takes skill; qualities here in thankful evidence”
- The National, 2016 production

“crackles with a raw new power”
- The Independent, 2016 production

“everything a theatre production should be”
- Broadway World , 2016 production


“The more we work on it, the more I realise just how important this story is.”

Director Gareth Nicholls talks to ​The List about his new production. (2016)

“It feels that in the times of austerity and disenfranchisement that we’re living in now that we’ve come full circle, and the play so speaks to now”

Harry Gibson talks to ​The Herald about Trainspotting’s roots at the Citz ahead of its return home. (2016)

“I hope we have found a good balance between honouring the book, making sure a few of those iconic scenes from the film are still in and also using the theatricality of the Citizens Theatre to its best.”

Director Gareth Nicholls chats to Glasgow Live about how Trainspotting still resonates with audiences today. (2016)


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