The Pool of Bethesda

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Performance by final year students of RCS
The Pool of Bethesda

In the Great Staircase of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London there is an enormous canvas called the Pool of Bethesda, painted by eighteenth century artist, Hogarth. It depicts Christ healing sick believers in the pool in Jerusalem whenever an angel stirred the water. Dr Pearce works at the hospital and often stops to gaze at the great work. But he’s been having headaches and his reality becomes a dizzying journey flitting between the present and the period of Hogarth’s painting where he explores his relationship with the women in his life, the sick and most of all himself.

    19 May2pm
    19 May7.30pm
    21 May7.30pm
    22 May7.30pm
    23 May7.30pm
Circle Studio

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