The Macbeths

The Macbeths

At the heart of Shakespeare’s darkest play is a disintegrating marriage. This new adaptation using a radically cut-down version of the text focuses on the relationship between one of the most famous killers in literature and his ambitious wife.

‘O full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife’

Returning from battle, Macbeth hears a prophesy emboldening him to murder and betray. Compelled by his equally ruthless wife, Macbeth ignores his creeping sense of guilt and hopelessness and attempts to hasten the hand of fate, unwittingly ushering in the downfall of them both.

This production has been specially created to be performed in the intense and exposed atmosphere of our Circle Studio and is directed by Dominic Hill.

    27 Sep7.30pm{datex-preview-gv}
    28 Sep7.30pm
    29 Sep7.30pm
    30 Sep7.30pm
    30 Sep7.30pm
    3 Oct7.30pm
    4 Oct1.30pm
    4 Oct7.30pm
    5 Oct7.30pm
    6 Oct7.30pm
    7 Oct2.30pm
    7 Oct7.30pm
    10 Oct1.30pm
    10 Oct7.30pm
    11 Oct7.30pm
    12 Oct10.30am
    12 Oct7.30pm
    13 Oct7.30pm
    13 Oct10.00pm
    14 Oct2.30pm
    14 Oct7.30pm


”...a sweaty, erotic and breathlessly self-destructive re-imagining”
- The Herald

”...a rich evening of theatre for anyone who loves Macbeth, and also loves to see it reborn, in ever more challenging forms.”
- The Scotsman

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