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The Macbeths on tour

citizens theatre on tour
​‘O full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife’
The Macbeths on tour

At the heart of Shakespeare’s darkest play is a disintegrating marriage. This new adaptation using a radically cut version of the text focuses on the destructive relationship between the ambitious couple.

Returning from battle, Macbeth hears a prophecy promising money and power. Spurred on by Lady Macbeth, they ignore the creeping sense of guilt and hopelessness and attempt to hasten the hand of fate, unwittingly ushering in the downfall of them both.

First performed at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow in 2017, the Citizens’ Artistic Director Dominic Hill’s brutal and intense production tells the Bard’s famous story in a powerfully concentrated 70 minutes.


In conversation with Frances Poet 

  • Cast & Creative Team


    Director -  Dominic Hill

    Dramaturg - Frances Poet

    Lighting Designer - Stuart Jenkins

    Composer - Matthew Whiteside

    Sound Design - Tom Penny


    Macbeth - Lucianne McEvoy

    Lady Macbeth - Charlene Boyd


"Impressive and purposeful in its recasting, as intense as its celebrated predecessor, this restaging of Hill’s adaptation makes one feel as if one is mainlining Shakespeare’s play."
- The Herald, 2018 Production

"...a production that simmers towards its damning conclusion."
- The Herald, 2018 Production

"Remarkable adaptation scintillates with dark glamour."
- The Scotsman, 2018 Production

"...the acting by both Charlene Boyd (as Lady Macbeth) and Lucianne is not to be faulted."
- The Fountain, 2018 Production

“...a thrilling and visceral new way into one of Shakespeare’s most familiar plays.”
- Daily Record, 2017 Production

“...a rich evening of theatre for anyone who loves Macbeth, and also loves to see it reborn, in ever more challenging forms.”
- The Scotsman, 2017 Production

“...this is Shakespeare’s play delivered in powerfully concentrated form, as if straight into the bloodstream.”
- Sunday Herald, 2017 Production


"... it's an extraordinary and accessible text. It's a great story about a couple being undone by their own actions and it can be accessed by an audience today as easily as it was 400 years ago."

​Dominic Hill speaks to Brian Donaldson in The Courier


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Running Time: 1hr 10min

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