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Saturday Citizens: Summer 2022

Drama classes for learning disabled young people
Saturday Citizens: Summer 2022

We are gradually returning to face-to-face activities. Our drama classes for learning disabled young people will meet in person for the Summer 2022 term. Classes take place on Saturday mornings from 11am - 12.30pm.

The group will be focusing on what it feels like to be back in the room with each other - learning lots of new ways to play and make drama together. They will also be exploring the past, investigating the present, and dreaming the future of Saturday Citizens.

This term is only open to current participants. Although the group is currently full, please do get in touch if you'd like more information. You can email Morna at learningprojects@citz.co.uk.


These sessions take place in person at Skills Academy, Norfolk St, Glasgow G5 9EJ. We will have Covid-19 safety measures in place.

What do current participants say?

"It definitely lifts my mood up"
Saturday Citizens participant

“It's about being creative. It's making new friends and learning new things in a fun way.”
Saturday Citizens Summer Academy At Home participant

    30 April11am - 12.30pm
    7 May11am - 12.30pm
    14 May11am - 12.30pm
    21 May11am - 12.30pm
    28 May11am - 12.30pm
    4 June11am - 12.30pm
    11 June11am - 12.30pmSharing
Running Time: 90 minutes