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POSTPONED Friday Club: Spring 2020

POSTPONED Friday Club: Spring 2020

In line with the latest advice issued by the Scottish and UK Governments, the Citizens Theatre cancelled all performances and classes from March-August. See our full statement on Coronavirus.

If you'd like to find out more about Friday Club, visit our Take Part page.

If you’ve got stories to tell and ideas to explore, come to the Citizens Theatre and join the Friday Club. Build your creative skills and self-confidence in a supportive and stimulating environment. 

The Friday Club is for people 18 years plus and their companions.

There are also special Friday Club events to see productions in the theatre throughout the term.

Citizens Ghost

The Friday Club made their first film Citizens Ghost , set in and around the atmospheric Citizens Theatre. We explored the idea of who this fantastic building belonged to, our audiences and the people who work here (in Wardrobe, the paint frame, rehearsal rooms etc) or the ghosts who haunt the building. This was another great opportunity to have a lot of fun, create new characters and learn new skills:

‘Filming takes time and repetition - you had to keep calm and carry on! I learnt about having patience, working as part of a team and keeping focussed.’

Watch with the lights on!

We are very grateful for the support from Boshier Hinton to make this film. 


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Running Time: 2hr 30min