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Community Collective Spring 2024

A sociable drop-in group for people who share an interest in theatre
Community Collective Spring 2024

Come and create theatre and have fun with the Community Collective. No experience is necessary, just bring your sense of adventure!

These sociable, drop-in sessions are for everyone whatever your age or lived experience. It's a chance to make connections with people, build confidence and improve wellbeing. The sessions are delivered in English but you don't need to be fluent or use English as your first language. Refreshments are provided during the session.

We also host a monthly Community Collective Lunch in partnership with Kin Kitchen. The meal is a great opportunity to chat about theatre, enjoy some food and get to know each-other.

If you're interested in taking part and would like more information about coming along, please contact Jamie Prescott, Community Collective Coordinator at commco@citz.co.uk. 


Sessions will take place in person at Gorbals Parish Church, 1 Errol Gardens, G5 0RA.

    19 Jan12.30pm
    26 Jan1pmJoin us for a meal from 12
    2 Feb12.30pm
    9 Feb12.30pm
    16 Feb12.30pm
    23 Feb1pmJoin us for a meal from 12
    1 Mar12.30pm
    8 Mar12.30pm
    15 Mar12.30pm
    22 Mar1pmJoin us for a meal from 12

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Running Time: 2 hours