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‘My dear Cammy, this is the most real experience you’ll ever have. In fact, it’s a matter of life and death.’

A bottle of pills. That is the last thing that Cammy remembers before waking up in the middle of the ocean. She is on a boat that isn’t a boat and there’s a strange echo calling her name. Nothing becomes any clearer as she is joined by a Captain and Engineer who are at loggerheads; one wants to go back to the shore, but the other is determined to push further into the beyond. But which is the right way?

In her new play, former Young Co. member Catriona McNicoll takes her audience on a wild and exciting journey which proves to be as deep and as mysterious as the ocean itself. Adrift will make you wonder if this is all real, or if it’s just inside your head.

Performed by the Citizens Theatre Young Co.

Support from The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust 


'We're more capable than we give ourselves credit for' - Playwright Catriona McNicoll tells us more about what inspired her to write this story 

'An amazingly powerful hour of theatre.' - Audience reactions

Photography by Alistair Devine. Image by Greenlight Creative. 

    28 Jan7:30pm
    29 Jan7:30pmPost show discussion (Speakers to be confirmed)
    30 Jan7:30pm
    31 Jan7:30pm
  • Cast & Creative Team

    Citizens Young Co.


    Gabriel Adams
    Qendresa (Desa)Bajrami
    Kirsty Black
    Ewan Campbell
    Sarah Chalmers
    Jordan Cooper
    Jack Donnan
    Katie Garner
    Rosie Graham
    Kari Hall
    Ellie Jack
    Niamh McCarron
    Annabel McCusker
    Hannah McLeod
    Kai Ross
    Callum Smith
    Tiia Stevenson
    Brianne Surgeoner


    Written by Catriona McNicoll
    Director Neil Packham
    Assistant Director Lauren Mitchell
    Set Designer Neil Haynes
    Lighting Stuart Jenkins
    Sound Design Cameron Rickards
    Movement Consultant Jen Edgar


"an emotional voyage fired by the wayward power of the imagination."
- The Herald


“I want the audience to go on the journey that Cammy goes through: from temptation to a leap of faith, without knowing what the outcome will be."

​Catriona McNicoll talks to Last Year’s Girl about her new play

Listen to Catriona McNicoll and Donald C Stewart of Fringe Review discuss Adrift

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