Our Friends

Our Friends help the Citizens to keep producing bold, exciting theatre and once a year, they support one of our main stage productions.
Our Friends

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We would like to say a big thank you to our:


David Armstrong
John Bremner
Rosemary Bremner
April Chamberlain
Dan & Kirstie Cusick
Sean Daisley
Julie Doughty
Mary Henderson
John & Agnese Keeper
Joe Kelly
Roddy & Christine Macpherson
John McElwee
Miriam McKenna
Chris Paterson
Jennifer Quin
Roger Quin
The Hon Lady Rita Rae
Walter & Janet Reid
Mike Russell
Adrienne Scullion
Sheila Stallard
Larry Sullivan
Louise Welsh


Rona Alexander
Susan & Stephen Anderson
Debby Barry
Aileen Begley
Jan Bostock
Carolynn Bruce
Jonathan & Kay Bryant
Mary Carmichael
Alison Cheyne
Louise Christie
Peter Chua
Colin Clelland
Marie Craig
M Cullen
Sarah Curran
Hugh Currie
Monica Deans
Catriona Denoon
Sarah Emery
Mary Flannigan
James Forsyth
David Fraser
Donald Fraser
Joyce Gallacher
James Gibson
Maida Gibson
Jacqueline Gilmartin
Jenny Graydon
John Grewar
Colum Halforty
Marie Hamilton
Neil Hanson
Carol Hayden
Paula Heenan
Bjorn Heile
Rosemary Hobsbaum
D Hotchkiss
Derek Hotchkiss
Eleanor Hyland
Judith Johnston
Eleanor Kennedy
Jean Mary Knowles
David Lightbody
Andrew Lockyer
Archie Love
Gillian Macadam
Brian MacDonald
Malcolm MacLeod
Jane Macmillan
S MacNaughton
Liana Marletta
Helene Martynski
Samantha McArthur
Stephen & Sylvia McCandlish
Jennie McCartney
Andrew McCormack
Jan McDonald
Bridget McGeechan
Irene McIntosh
June McIntyre
Gordon McKay
Amanda McMillan
Mary-Claire Meighan
Philip Mendelsohn
Lesley Miles
Helen Millar
John Millar
Sandra Moody
James Murray
Jane Naismith
Jan Norris
Caroline O’Hara
Patricia Orr
David Perry
Laura Polverari
Grace Reid
Gill Reynolds
Alan Roach
John Russell
Laurie Russell
Loretta Scott
Fred & Irene Shedden
Alan Shenkin
Barbara Simpson
Amanda Stewart
Christine Sutherland
A J Sutherland
Nicola Teece
Alasdair Thomson
Shiona Walker
Kirsty Wark
Sandra Webster
Stephen White
Linda Wood 

In the latest redevelopment update, find out about removing the derelict building attached to the historic paint frame; one of the most treasured pieces of heritage in the building.