Environmental Policy



The Citizens Theatre has a responsibility to the environment that is manifest in what we do and how we do it. We are fully committed to monitoring and where we can reduce our environmental footprint: it is our intention to continue to improve our environmental performance as part of our business strategy and operations. We will review this strategy on a regular basis and will continue to encourage all our staff to do the same.


Lesley Davidson (General Manager) and Graham Sutherland (Head of Production) are responsible for ensuring that our environmental policy is implemented and monitored. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.


To ensure good environmental performance, the Citizens have identified the following objectives and actions.

Objective Action
We will minimise the use of paper in all parts of our operation but especially in administrative and other office functions. We will use email where possible and set the photocopier to double sided print outs across all departments.
We will reuse and recycle everything, including paper/glass/cardboard/plastic we can. We will seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products.
We will monitor how we use materials, encouraging reuse within and across departments.
We will have recycling bins near all offices to make it easier for staff to recycle.
We will have recycling bins for all glass produced by our bars
We will use biodegradable plastics for our bar drinks.
We will reuse sets wherever possible and recycle all production waste, including wood, in an environmentally friendly way and monitor our success.We will only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.
We will use more environmentally friendly products wherever possible. We will evaluate the environmental impact on any new products we intend to purchase.
We aim to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible. We will charge our Building Supervisor, in conjunction with our energy suppliers, to monitor heating within the building to ensure carbon impact is limited.
We will ensure that lights and electrical equipment are switched off when not in use and those doors and windows are closed and effectively sealed.
We will ensure that bar fridges operate on timers to ensure that they switch on only when required.
We will turn heating systems on only when necessary, and generally only between October and April.
We will assess the energy efficiency of products at procurement.
We aim to work with our energy suppliers and facilities managers MITIE and take advice as to how we save energy costs around the building on an annual basis. We will receive and act on MITIE’s monthly reports, monitoring in particular our gas and electricity consumption.
We will monitor water consumption and reduce where possible. We will put water savers in all our toilets cisterns and install water saver flushes in all toilets throughout the building
We will investigate the benefits of smart metering for our water usage.
We will reduce the need to travel, restricting journeys to necessary trips only and encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport. We will actively promote the use of travel alternatives such as email or video/phone conferencing.
We will create a safe and secure bicycle storage space for staff and visitors and actively investigate the benefits of establishing a ‘Cycle to work’ scheme.
We will promote walking and cycling as our preferred modes of transport.We will promote car-pooling where that might be appropriate.
Maintenance and cleaning
We will use cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly. We will instruct our cleaning company of our requirement that they use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
We will undertake monthly audits with our cleaning company with the aim of identifying areas of improvement.We will introduce recycled paper towels and toilet roll.
We will aim to use environmentally-friendly materials in all departments including in any building refurbishment. We will encourage staff to exhibit appropriate environmentally-sensitive behaviours and share good practice
Monitoring and improvements
We will continue to monitor our environmental requirements and aim for on-going improvement of our environmental policies. We will review this policy and identify any related business training at the ‘Green Team’s’ quarterly meetings reporting both to the SMT and the Board.
We will actively solicit and act on guidance on improving our environmentally-aware behaviours – e.g., via FST and Julie’s Bicycle.
We will ensure that the ‘Green Team’ presents to Company meetings on a quarterly basis, facilitating the discussion of all environmental concerns and improvements.
We will review this policy at Board level on an annual basis, updating where appropriate.
We will aim for continually improvement in our environmentally-aware behaviours and reduction of our environmental impacts. We will incorporate environmental factors into our business decisions with accountability held by the Board.
We will increase employee awareness of our environmentally-aware values and policy. We will work through a ‘Green Team’ made up of representatives from each department meeting quarterly to review progress, share ideas and lead on innovation. We will attend ‘Creative Carbon Scotland meetings to ensure that we are coming up with new and improved ideas to reduce our carbon impact.

The Citizens Theatre Policy and Action plans are reviewed:

  • at least annually; or,
    • whenever there are significant changes to the organisation or our work; or,
    • whenever we carry out new activities with different impacts; or,
    • Whenever there are changes in relevant legislation.
  • Our environmental policy and action plan will be circulated round staff, clients and cultural tenants and will be available to download from our the website.

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