Citz Stories

Here are our finalists for the Citz Stories Timeless Token competition

The Winner will be determined by public vote and will receive lifetime complimentary tickets for Citz productions for themselves and a friend. 

Read through the finalists' stories and vote for your favourite below! 

Week One
My grandparents were from the Gorbals and lived near the theatre, my great-grandparents stayed above the Linen Bank in the old tenement still standing across the road from the Citz. My grandad was a joiner who worked on Rutherglen Road, and he often worked in the theatre, constructing stage sets. Visiting the Citz I always think of my relatives who worked, lived and played here and hereabouts. It has always been a vital part of the local community and long may it continue.
- Paul 
Week Two
In 1976 our second year English class was dragged kicking and screaming to the Citz for a production of Dracula by The Pip Simmons Theatre Company. I don't know how aware the teaching staff were, as we trudged towards the theatre that night, of how much full frontal nudity our innocent eyes were about to be exposed to, but I do know that the following week's production of The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man by the same Company was a sell out attended almost exclusively by Queen's Park Secondary School pupils.
- Iain
Week Three

My first date with my husband was at the Citizens Theatre. We went to see The Silver Darlings August 1994 then spent our wedding Day there enjoying Noël Coward's Private Lives. We still have the program! We have returned many times since then as the Citz has a very special place in our hearts, and always will.
- Karen  

Week Four

My father used to take me to productions at the Citizens and close theatre club in the 60's and 70's when I was a child. Often especially at the Close I would be the only child in the audience. I feel as if it has always been part of my life from going with my late father and now with my daughter. It has a unique atmosphere and always brings back happy memories when I visit. 
- Abigail 

Week Five

My mum arguing with very well intentioned usher about admitting me ( 7 years old) to see Tamburlaine the Great in 1972. I got in to see it and it has haunted me ever since. My mum was not put off by being told that ' grown men had fainted during previous performances. 
- Calum  

WEEK six

I have so many! My first ever visit to a theatre, like ever, was the Citizens. Fair to say I was hooked. My early memories of the Citz would be the first time I went in, a shy very lonely soul, and coming out (a few weeks later) hopeful, smiley, happy, walking with a swagger! It was also my first ever (small) performance, and 4 years later-one of my biggest! I met Toni there for the first time, who is my wife now, my light, my everything. I made friends for the first time since I arrived in the UK. I discovered a passion. I worked with the most awesomest directors ever (Elly and Neil).

The amazing creative team/staff make the citizens though, because without the people; it is just a beautiful building. It would have no soul, no history, no charisma without the people who have worked and contributed to its charm. They change lives.
- Adam

WEEK seven

My fondest memories of the Citz is of one Saturday night in 1968, when my current boyfriend and I could not get into the pictures. We wandered over the Clyde and came upon the Citizens theatre. It looked pretty much like a very exciting cinema so we went in. We discovered it was a theatre and were made so welcome we decided we to try it. My boyfriend paid for the Gods and we watched a black comedy.

We had a great laugh. The plot was made more funny by a very clever use of lighting technique. When the lighting was on the actors acted like it was dark and visa versa. That night I became hooked on theatre. Later as an English teacher I always encouraged and took part in every theatre night that I could get to. It has never lost it magic for me even though that first night in the gods was so scary and we were so high up I thought we were going to fall over. Every word was clear and I could see the whole stage. It was a happy night when we got turned away from the pictures.

I married that boyfriend and had 4 children we are divorced now but I still love the Citizens Theatre. Today I was on a backstage tour which made me even more excited about this place. I am even thinking of joining the classes and I am 71 years old.

- Mary