Returning to in-person workshops

Updated Sep 2021

As of September 2021, the Creative Learning team are working towards moving our current projects – where possible – back to in-person workshops. This will be a gradual transition, and the safety of all involved will be the priority. We are going above and beyond Government regulations to make sure as many people can return as possible. Here we outline what we're doing to keep everyone safe, and what we're asking you to do to help.

What we're doing

  • hosting TEST events for groups to give everyone a chance to trial in-person working
  • assessing all the workshops spaces to ensure they are well ventilated
  • making changes to scheduling, group size and cleaning processes
  • upholding covid-safety rules within our workshop spaces
  • asking all participants and staff to fill in a simple health declaration form before taking part - this will help us ensure specific safety measures are in place where they can be.
  • asking participants and staff to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the workshop in order to keep others safe.
  • working with our colleagues across the organisation, to develop risk assessments for each group, which will be regularly updated.

We will also be responding to any new Government guidelines that may be re-introduced, and there may be times where workshops remain/return online.

Whilst we hope to have everyone back working in-person as soon as possible, we know that not everyone will feel ready to return to in-person workshops, or feel that their own health or personal conditions allow for that. For instance, those who were or are still deemed ‘clinically vulnerable’ in relation to Covid transmission and its potential impact. The reality is that even with the strict safety measures we are putting in place, there is still risk involved in taking part in any in-person activities, especially indoors.

Each person needs to decide for themselves when is the right time to return to participating in-person. We will work with you – where there are additional vulnerabilities – to identify if there are additional precautions that are possible to put in place. You should not feel any pressure to return to in-person sessions.

If you are unable to join in-person,we do not want this to stop you taking part. And so, for now - where we can - the Learning Team will work with ‘blended’ approaches – and offer group members ways to continue to engage digitally, or individually at home, alongside our return to in-person sessions.

Workshop House Rules

We are asking all participants taking part in Citizens Theatre Creative Learning activity to agree to the following processes, so that we all return to safely working together in person. We can only start meeting again regularly if you commit to these rules.

Ahead of workshops

  • You will be asked to fill in a Covid-19 Health Declaration form. You will need to do this at the beginning of each term. If you do not feel comfortable doing this alone, you can fill it out upon arrival and/or ask for a member of the Learning team to assist you.
  • Within 24 hours of the workshop, please take a lateral flow test and notify the Citizens Learning team of the result. If your lateral flow test is positive DO NOT COME to the workshop.
  • If you show any symptoms of Covid and/or you have been in close contact with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19, you should self-isolate and you MUST NOT COME to the workshop.

Workshop Sessions

  • Upon arrival at the venue for your workshop you will have your temperature checked, be led through the space and reminded of the rules. You will also be asked to ‘Check in’ through track and trace (where your phone has this function) and stage door will take down your contact details to help with track and trace if required.
  • You will be allocated toilet facilities upon arrival. These are the only toilets you can use during your time in the building.
  • Masks must be worn when moving about the building and wherever possible in workshops (you will be told when it is possible to work without it on)
  • Social distancing of 2m between participants must be maintained
  • You will be asked to wash/sanitise your hands regularly and where necessary will be asked to wipe down things you have touched.
  • We are working hard to ensure surfaces are cleaned regularly but please avoid touching items you are not using when in the building.
  • When in the workshop space you will be given an area and a chair which will be your base. Please do not sit in other people’s chairs or touch other people’s belongings.
  • Please bring water/juice with you and any other refreshments you may need. But please do not bring food or drink for sharing with others.
  • If symptoms show during your time in a workshop, notify a member of the Citizens’ team and they will talk you through next steps.
  • For Skills Academy only, only 6 people are allowed in the Green Room at any one time and currently one person per table.

After workshops

  • If you show symptoms after your workshop, self-isolate, get a PCR test and please notify a member of the Citizens’ team so that we can instigate internal processes and assist Track and Trace, in order to mitigate any possible spread.