The Gaza Monologues  

When I was young I used to feel that I was the happiest child in the world, but the more I grow and my mind grows, the more my worry grows, because I start to understand things that I did not.” 
Reem Afana, 2010 (Born 1996)

On 29 November, the Citizens Theatre Young Co. will participate in a global reading of The Gaza Monologues, a poignant collection of testimonies written by young Gazans with ASHTAR Theatre in 2010, following the first war on the Gaza Strip.

They will join theatre makers around the world answering the urgent call from ASHTAR to raise awareness on the UN’s International Day of Solidarity for the Palestinian People and call for a lasting and permanent ceasefire.

In the last decade, the monologues have been read and performed by theatre companies in cities across the world, from Harare to Oxford and at the United Nations in New York. They are translated into 18 languages. Tragically, they are still accurate today. The testimonies were not only a space for expression of experience but a process of healing and re-building through the arts.

The Young Co. will read the collection of monologues at their weekly session and reach out to ASHTAR Youth to share their experiences of reading and listening to their words.

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This is not a public event.

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