​The WAC Ensemble, our exciting and innovative theatre company for care experienced young adults, recently collaborated with Urbancroft Films to create the short film, Found.

Found, written by Ensemble member Allan Othieno and directed by Ensemble member Natalie Rochacelli, is a short drama about a loving father that doesn’t always recognise what’s happening around him, but today he’s here to support his daughter and that’s what matters.

Confused, he slips out for an unscheduled adventure. On his journey he becomes lost. Across the city a young mother is on her own journey, feeling overwhelmed and under pressure. Near a busy road her child could be in danger. We watch as these two characters’ journeys intertwine with compassion and kindness. Two lost souls who find each other, and in turn find themselves.

Urbancroft Films led the Ensemble in sessions on producing, writing, camera and sound. The Ensemble wrote their own script, mounted the shoot, cast a professional actor and managed the whole production process. Found was filmed at Urbancroft’s Film City Glasgow base and in local locations around Glasgow.

Found won the ‘Marginalised UK - Women and Girls’ and ‘Best Actor’ categories at the Big Syn Film Fest 2022 - the world’s biggest, not-for-profit, online film festival, inspiring viewers to act on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In partnership with the Citizens Theatre WAC Ensemble, Urbancroft Films presents Found

Supported by Life Changes Trust

Allan Othieno - Writer

Urbancroft - Producer

Billy Mack - Dad

Shannon Lynch - Young Mother

Emily Margaret Hannah - Child

Genna Allan - Bride

Chloe Wyper - Young Mother Two

Caitlin Ruby Muir - Bridesmaid

Kieran McKenzie - Wedding Guest Two

Natalie Rochacelli - Wedding Guest Three

Allan Othieno - Minister

Hunter Christian Jessen - Young Thug One

Erin McAuley - Young Thug Two

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