Through My Window

A project to support women experiencing isolation throughout lockdown

In March 2020 we had to cancel all performances, classes, and workshops due to the pandemic, but it was important to us that we remain connected with our participants.

We have a long history of working with women’s groups in the community, including our regular creative workshops at residential centres for women experiencing homelessness (Chara Centre and Elder Street). Many of the women are digitally excluded and experience poor physical and mental health, poverty, and loneliness. Coronavirus brought this into sharp focus and challenged many of their existing coping mechanisms.

During lockdown Elly and Carly from the Learning Team stayed in contact with the women from the Chara Centre and Elder Street, as well as with individual women across Glasgow. They made socially distanced home visits, talking through open windows and catching up in gardens, and dropped off food and small gifts. The women were also given a creative care box, full of tasks and thought-provoking questions encouraging them to share their experiences of lockdown through writing, photography and other artforms.

They continue to make weekly visits through windows and doorways with women in the community. To date, over 60 women have interacted with the creative care box and enjoyed socially distanced visits.

We have amassed a series of recordings, photos and written work which responds to lockdown and feelings of isolation, coupled with moments of joy and creative connection.

Through My Window is part of our creative programme at Chara Centre and Elder Street. Find out about other Projects for Women.


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