Through My Window

A project to support women affected by homelessness.

For more than a decade, the Citizens’ has delivered creative residencies in the homeless sector including the Chara Centre and Elder Street projects run by Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership for women experiencing homelessness.

One of the many projects the women took part in was a performance piece created in 2016 called ‘Through My Window’. The group were responsible for creating an original script and songs. This was inspired by personal accounts of views from windows, isolation, the power of community spirit, and hopes and desires for moving onto a more positive future.

These themes resonate strongly and seem more pertinent than ever in today’s changing landscape, where isolated groups, such as those we work with, are brought more sharply into focus. ‘Through my window’ aims to reignite moments of creative connection with our groups and communities.

Many of the women are digitally excluded and will feel especially isolated during this time because of poor mental and physical health, poverty and loneliness.

The project aims to explore the view from individual windows whilst in lockdown and while people are adhering to social distancing. Utilising outdoor spaces at the centres, visits - adhering to social distancing - will be made offering a vital link to support positive mental health and well-being.

The project will document the visits through photographs and film, which will include a series of socially distant pop-up experiences and provocations - offering a vital link to support positive mental health and well-being.

Through My Window is part of our creative programme at Chara Centre and Elder Street.

The Citizens Theatre gratefully acknowledges funding for the creative programme from:

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