The School on the Hill Literacy Project

Over the past couple of years TAG also worked with Glenlee Primary School and David Livingstone Memorial Primary on drama projects designed to address and encourage literacy, through the use of interactive activities, visual stimuli, reminiscence and drama techniques.

Faced with an imminent move to a new school building, the pupils worked with two drama artists from TAG to explore their emotions. They developed their literacy skills through story writing and worked in groups to look at past situations which made them happy, sad, excited or anxious and developed their memories into stories.

The project plays a fundamental role in helping pupils to develop an awareness of their emotions alongside important literacy skills.

It supports areas of a Curriculum for Excellence by encouraging pupils to become successful learners, effective contributors and confident individuals. Staff within previous partner schools have seen an increase in pupils confidence as well as their literacy skills.

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As a commemoration of the project, the pupils’ stories, drawings and photos will be developed into a book which will be presented to students at the school in a special ceremony on 1 June 2010.

This project has been funded by Awards for All.

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