Is there a song that you know really well? A song that you’ve always loved? A song that means something to you personally? Now is your chance to share that with other members of the community.

Songbooth is a unique music installation, documenting the diveristy of the people who live and work within the Citizens community. A musical cross section of society will be presented by filming people singing songs that have personal meaning.

You could sing a capella, Greg could accompany you on piano, you could assemble your own band, accompany yourself, or sing in small groups. There are no restrictions. Greg is especially keen to work with people who might be able to sing songs from other cultures and in languages other than English; he also hopes to record songs from Glasgow’s and the Gorbals’ past.

There is no need to be embarrassed as this isn’t a project looking for amazing singers. You could have lots of singing experience or none at all!

Films of the songs recorded will be shown in a purpose built ‘songbooth’ in the Citizens Theatre foyer during February 2014.

How to get involved:

Please email Greg Sinclair for more information.

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