Maud’s Map

Our Creative Learning team have been in residence at Blackfriars Primary School and St Francis Primary School in the Gorbals.

From January to March 2023, we are working with primary 4 classes, exploring the themes of our brand-new production Maud’s Map based on a book by theatre-maker Jen Edgar. This rich visual play tells the story of Maud, a young girl who discovers the transformational power of finding and harnessing her own inner strength.

Maud and her Mum are explorers. They are curious and courageous and together they make a seemingly unstoppable team. Until one day Maud wakes up feeling slightly different than usual, with a new heaviness inside her. Unable to ignore it and scared about letting down her mum, especially since they both lost her dad, Maud decides to strike out on her own and find the source of this bad feeling.

Following a series of workshops with primary 4 classes, exploring the show’s themes of emotional literacy and confidence, Maud’s Map will be performed for the younger classes at each school.

Created and presented with a full professional team, the show addresses the power of self-belief as a young person, and the big feelings and emotions that sometimes come with growing up. Packed with visual imagination and whimsical design, Maud’s Map encourages every young explorer to be brave and map out the world that’s living in them.

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