Just imagine if…

Over the past year we have encountered many wonderful women, and supported them through lockdown as part of our Through My Window COVID-19 community response.

We are now joining forces with singer, songwriter Carol Laula and women across Glasgow to create our own Through My Window anthem, reflecting experiences of lockdown, as well as imagining and sharing ideas for a hopeful future.

The project involves our women’s groups, as well as individuals from across the city. The collaborative song writing process will bring the women together as they use music and writing to explore their emotions, creating a shared song that elicits a sense of pride and achievement.

Participants will contribute lyrics by imagining what life might be like post COVID-19, prompted by questions such as:

  • What will you do next?
  • What have we missed?
  • What are your hopes and how might they be achieved?

This project will culminate in a film, charting the creation of the song and becoming a lasting legacy for all the women who contributed to it.

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