Hear My Voice

‘Hear My Voice’ is a three-year creative drama and storytelling project enabling children to develop confidence in using language, to tell their own original stories and to express their feelings and passions. We have been working with primary and secondary school pupils aged 5-12 years in Nurture groups, with the older pupils being trained as story and drama facilitators for younger pupils. During the final term of the project older pupils create a book of stories, artwork and photos and a resource pack has been created for teachers.

Hear My Voice employs a range of drama techniques to develop children’s self-expression and confidence and enable a sense of achievement. This project nurtures the imagination of pupils, listens without judgement, amplifies their voices, builds their confidence and develops their emotional resilience for the future.

The whole project will last three years (2017 – 2020) and involve a total of 12 schools from six different Learning Communities in Glasgow. After three years over 500 people will have benefited from the project.

“Child X has matured – his language and confidence have developed as the project went along.” (Nurture Teacher)

“I enjoyed every bit of the project and loved seeing the photos from the sessions.” (Participant)

“My son enjoyed playing the games and making new friends. His confidence has grown a lot, especially when I hear him reading. Well done.” (Parent)

“Child B enjoyed working collaboratively with the older children. She was shy at first but soon came out of her shell. Her confidence increased tenfold.” (Nurture Teacher)

“I enjoyed the project. I liked getting to work with the primary school pupils. I enjoyed planning the joint sessions because we got to choose what we were doing. It was good to work in a different way to normal.” (Pupil)


Cleeves Primary School and Hillpark Secondary School

St Timothy’s Primary School and St Andrew’s High School


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