Hear My Voice

‘Hear My Voice’ was a creative drama and storytelling project which encouraged children to confidently express their feelings and opinions, enabled them to create their own original stories and promoted health and wellbeing through creative arts activities. Primary and secondary school pupils, aged 5-12 years, participated in this initiative which was delivered within school Nurture groups. You can find out more about Nurture groups here.

This project employed a range of drama techniques to develop children’s self-expression and confidence and enable a sense of achievement. During the project, the older pupils were trained to plan and deliver practical play sessions which they then facilitated with the younger pupils. A commemorative book was also designed by the pupils and presented to each participant at a final celebration event, attended by friends and family.

The project was delivered between 2017 – 2021 and involved twelve schools from six different Learning Communities in Glasgow. Over 500 people have now benefited from the project including pupils, nurture staff and parents / carers, plus teachers from various primary and secondary schools in Glasgow who participated in CPD training and subsequently implemented ‘Hear My Voice’ techniques within their own Nurture rooms.

What the participating Nurture teachers and Support for Learning Assistants said:

“I absolutely loved the whole experience of ‘Hear My Voice’. In all the years of doing Nurture this has been my favourite part. I have enjoyed seeing all the children grow during it and building good friendships. I also liked the close contact with Hillpark Secondary.” (Laura Gray, Cleeves Primary)

“Our young people received an incredible boost to their self-esteem while working with the hugely skilled and quite indefatigable team from Hear My Voice. They kept them involved and included, looked for positives and approached everything with such energy and belief! We would not hesitate to take up any further opportunities to collaborate with the team from Hear My Voice. This programme has so much to offer both the secondary and primary pupils - it was a hugely informative and energising collaboration for us.” (Kathleen McBride, Lourdes Secondary)

“I think the project was amazing. It had such a positive effect on our pupils. It helped to build their confidence and gave them the opportunity to improve their social skills. It helped our P7 children to establish relationships with others in secondary. This made it easier for them to transition from primary school to secondary school. It was lovely to see how their confidence and self-esteem had grown throughout the project.” (Michelle Robinson, St Timothy’s Primary)

What the pupils said:

“Working with Hillpark pupils has been a good thing because I’ve liked meeting them and I’ll be going to Hillpark soon. I’ve liked coming down to the Busy Bee Base because I met the little ones and it’s been nice working with them. I liked the zoo visit because I got to hold animals that I’ve never held before. I liked the Thunderball game because it was fun. All the different age groups were joining in together.”

“I enjoyed the project. I liked getting to work with the primary school pupils. I enjoyed planning the joint sessions because we got to choose what we were doing. It was good to work in a different way to normal.”

“I enjoyed every bit of the project and loved seeing the photos from the sessions.”

What parents / carers said:

“My son enjoyed playing the games and making new friends. His confidence has grown a lot, especially when I hear him reading.”

“The children were very confident at presenting during the final event. The book is fantastic with amazing stories and photos!”


Alexandra Parade Primary School and Whitehill Secondary School

Cleeves Primary School and Hillpark Secondary School

Saint Bernard’s Primary School and St. Paul’s High School

St Timothy’s Primary School and St Andrew’s High School

Sandaig Primary School and Bannerman High School

Sandwood Primary School and Lourdes Secondary School

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