Gorbals Schools Residency

An 8-month artistic residency in the Gorbals Primary Schools.

Our Creative Learning team are in residence at Blackfriars Primary School and St Francis Primary School in the Gorbals.

A range of creative workshops will explore drama skills, visual communication, build confidence in the expressive arts, and develop emotional literacy through creativity. It will connect to key themes across the Curriculum for Excellence.

Working with Primary 4 and 7, pupils will take part in two Citizens Theatre productions. Over 200 children will take part in the workshop programme with over 600 pupils from the wider school community attending performances of each show. Explore each project:

The Gorbals Primary Schools residency is part of a new community engagement programme focussed on building connections with our Gorbals and Southside neighbours as we prepare for the re-opening of the redeveloped Citizens Theatre.


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