Fly With Me

Presented by Good Chance Theatre with the Citizens Theatre

Fly With Me is a multi-city kite flying festival remembering one year since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. It brought people together to celebrate and preserve Afghan culture through the simple joy of kite-flying, calling for equal and fair treatment of all people seeking safety, including those from Afghanistan.

In the run-up to the event, local groups including Standing Tall Arts, YCSA (Youth Community Support Agency) and The Barn Youth and Community Centre worked with the Citizens Theatre and the Fly With Me team, Feroz Khan and Elena Mary Harris, to learn about and make Afghan kites before taking to the skies at Glasgow Green.

In kite-making workshops across the UK and Europe, Afghan storytellers brought to life the story of Zaki, a 12-year-old boy in Kabul who, in keeping with 800-year-old traditions, loves to fly kites each autumn. His brother Bahram was forced to flee by the Taliban, so Zaki is learning how to make kites alone with his younger sister, Marwa. Thousands of people across the UK and Europe were invited to hear Zaki’s story and learn how to make and fly kites together with him.

The project culminated in a kite-flying festival in over 20 cities and towns across 6 countries on Saturday 20 August 2022.

Our event in Glasgow took place at Glasgow Green in collaboration with members of Glasgow’s Afghan community, following a programme of community workshops with local groups and individuals. On the day of the festival, there was a kite-making and storytelling workshop, after which participants and members of the public came together for a kite-flying event.


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