Fibres Creative Learning

Community Collective

Over two months, the Community Collective used their weekly sessions to create short pieces of work including reinterpreting Fibres into new stories; giving asbestos a voice and a personality; creating film trailers for the story of asbestos and creating new tales through storytelling methods and group writing projects.


Stellar Quines delivered a series of short workshops at Barrowfield and Barlanark Community Centres in Glasgow and Dunoon Burgh Hall to groups including community theatre and young mothers’ groups. The workshops encouraged participants to explore how gender narratives impact everyday lives, reflecting the focus on womens’ experience with asbestos-related illnesses in Fibres.

Oral Histories of Asbestos and Women

Supported by organisations such as Action on Asbestos, Asbestos Awareness and Support Cymru and Sheffield University, Stellar Quines is gathering stories from women impacted by asbestos to challenge the idea that women’s primary exposure to asbestos is via their husband’s work. The stories will be held in University of Strathclyde archives, accessible to all.

Fibres is touring communities across Scotland from 17 October – 2 November 2019.

Rosie Priest, Stellar Quines Creative Learning Associate, told us more about this creative learning work in our blog.

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