Dragonfly in Nurture Groups


Children in Nurture are taken out of their mainstream class and into a supportive small group context in order to boost confidence and improve health, wellbeing, social skills and learning. After an intense period in the nurture group, children are re-introduced back into their mainstream class. This process of intervention has proved very successful in tackling emotional problems, barriers to learning and anti social behaviour.

Nurture has become a national phenomenon, with 68 groups currently existing in primary schools across Glasgow.

With the support of the Nurture Network and Glasgow City Council, Citizens Learning worked in the Nurture groups in Wellshot and Alexandra Parade Primary Schools, encouraging children to tell and act out some fantastic stories! We are currently developing this project to offer to other Nurture groups in the City.

“Dragonfly enabled the children to access their imaginations and encouraged some of the quieter children to be more confident. Dragonfly works with the smallest increment of positivity from the child and nurtures it and lets the child see the possibilities within it.”
Lisa Holt Nurture Group Classroom Assistant