Do you see me? Photo portraiture project

An exhibition exploring public perceptions around homelessness.

Since 2013 Photographer Karen Gordon has regularly documented Citizens Theatre workshops at the Chara Centre and Elder Street. In 2022, we commissioned Karen to take a series of portraits of the women living and working in these two Centres.

The women had creative autonomy over how they were portrayed and the photo sessions were an opportunity for them to express their identity as a woman in the homeless sector.

A series of photos were amassed between April 2022 and March 2023. Artists Rachel Mimiec and Elly Goodman curated these images for an exhibition called ‘Do You See Me’? The exhibition aimed to dispel the stigma of homelessness. The portraits and the accompanying narrative encouraged the viewer to see the person before the label that society often assigns to people experiencing homelessness.

This project formed part of the Citizens Theatre’s regular creative residencies at the Chara Centre and Elder Street.

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