Citizens Community Collective

This project will be designed to work in tandem with their exit strategy with assistance from external agencies such as the Wise Group, Phoenix Futures, Apex, Social Work Services, Glasgow Safety Services, Turning Point Scotland.

The group will meet once a week for 2 hours, over a period of 3 terms per year in a total of 7 sessions per term. This will be an integrated community group with people from a range of different backgrounds, working together in a positive environment.

Guest artists will lead specialist sessions, in .

The sessions will be predominantly led by Neil Packham and Elly Goodman alongside specialist guest artists: music with Scott Twynholm and Alan Penman, singing and choir with Shelly Coyne (Givin it laldie), song writing with Carol Laula, digital sound with Rikki Traynor, Creative writing and spoken word with Donna Campbell and Kate Hendry.

The collective will provide a clear referral route for those prisoners interested in pursuing their interest in drama on release. The group may work towards informal sharings (for friends and family) scratch nights and performances.

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