Christmas Curtain Raiser

Our Creative Learning team have been in residence at Blackfriars Primary School and St Francis Primary School in the Gorbals, working with the P7s through a range of creative workshops.

Over autumn pupils created a curtain raiser performance for Red Riding Hood, our Christmas show. The young people worked with our delivery team to create dialogue, movement sequences and soundscapes plus designed and made their own wolves.

Inspired by our Red Riding Hood story, they are fed up with all the rules in their community and take matters into their own hands as they go looking for the big bad wolf!

On the day, the young people worked with our professional theatre stage management, lighting and sound teams to stage their performance for friends and families.

Creative interventions like this give children a unique opportunity to engage with the arts. This residency is part of our community engagement programme to build connections with our neighbours as we prepare to move back home. When the building reopens, we want young people in the Gorbals and across Glasgow to know our theatre is a place for them.


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