A Family Sentence

A Family Sentence examines how incarceration affects family relationships,and how arts education services in prisons can influence prisoners’ attitudes to gender, family life and their role as a father. The project aims to encouraging greater understanding between those directly affected by a prisoner’s sentence, and improve prisoners’ long-term familial bonding.

Weekly sessions take place from January - June 2017 in HMP Barlinnie, and in Garthamlock in the north-east of Glasgow with people who have a loved one serving a prison sentence . The workshops will culminate in two separate but complementary performance pieces based on the words and real-life experiences of current prisoners and families affected by incarceration against a background of powerful digital sound and animation. An educational support pack to further support education services in prisons will also be created.

The project culminates with sharings at Barlinnie on 24 and 25 May, in Garthamlock Parish Church on 15 and 16 June and in the Citizens Theatre’s Circle Studio on 22 and 23 June.


A Family Sentence Resource Pack

A Family Sentence Evaluation Pack

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Citizens Learning are world-leaders in the field of arts education in criminal justice, and has a long-standing track record of creating high quality workshops and productions with the men at HMP Barlinnie. Find out more about previous Citizens Learning prison work.

This project is delivered in collaboration with New College Lanarkshire Prison Learning Centres