A Citizens’ Archive

Do you have childhood memories of attending the Citizens Theatre? Did you or a family member work here? Have you joined the queue for 50p tickets this year, or do you remember the 70s, when all tickets were 50p?

Sarah is creating a photographic archive of the Citz and the Gorbals, as seen through the eyes of theatre-goers, theatre workers, and local people over the years- images that capture the past and present of this unique building and the neighbourhood that surrounds it. Whether you have images of the building and the surrounding area from when the Citizens was still known as The Royal Princess’s, or your images are more recent, Sarah would like to see them all.

Any format is acceptable - from negatives to prints to phone camera photos - just try to send the biggest image you have. If you’d prefer to talk to Sarah about your images, just send her an email at the address below to arrange a meeting.

How to supply your images to A Citizens’ Archive:

1. In person at the Citizens Box Office

2. Post your negatives or prints to:
Citizens Theatre, 119 Gorbals Street, Glasgow, G5 9DS

3. Email your images to Sarah at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please include the location, date and photographer information of your images if you know it. (Maximum attachment size 10MB)

4. In person with Sarah

5. Send your images using the form below

If posting or bringing images in person, please remember to let us know how to return your images to you safely.

By submitting your images, you are agreeing for your images, if selected, to be used in an exhibition of images of the Citizens and surrounding neighbourhood, and for associated promotional purposes.