Redevelopment: Bringing our heritage to life

The redevelopment of the Citizens Theatre will open up our rich history.
Redevelopment: Bringing our heritage to life

The Citizens Theatre is one of Britain's oldest, operating Victorian theatres.

The new building gives us the opportunity to highlight our unique history. We are creating public access for the first time to our historic features such as the understage machinery and paint frame.

Scotland’s oldest and most complete surviving stage machinery will be accessible by viewing windows at different levels, making the theatre’s heritage some of the most readily accessible examples of its kind in Europe. Visitors will be able to peek into backstage areas, including being able to watch our scenic artists at work in the historic paint frame and explore our heritage in new interpretation throughout the building.

Our famous statues that have welcomed audiences to the foyer of the Citizens Theatre for decades are being returned to the theatre's roof, watching over actors, audiences and residents of the Gorbals. Read more about their history and restoration on our blog.


The Citizens Theatre