History: TAG

History: TAG

TAG was originally developed as the outreach arm of the Citizens Theatre in 1967, (Citizens Theatre for Youth), thanks to funding from the Scottish Arts Council which was made available to repertory theatres to explore opportunities for working with young people.

Initially the Theatre for Youth company worked primarily with Secondary schools within a twenty mile radius of Glasgow. This was because it would have been impossible to visit the vast number of Primary Schools on any regular basis. However in 1976, the company briefly lost its education grant and had to explore other funding avenues to sustain its work. The company successfully secured a grant from the Government, offered to help the creation of jobs during a time of economic recession. The Company’s remit was broadened to include work in the community and they performed out in the community and in Youth Clubs.

Soon its work became Scotland-wide and the company simply went by the name TAG. It became one of the key companies providing professional touring theatre and educational activities for children and young people in Scotland. Although TAG operated for some years from remote premises, in Spring 2006 the company returned to its roots and moved back into the Citizens Theatre.

All the work for children and young people previously produced under the name of TAG is now produced under the name of Citizens Theatre.