Since opening its doors in 1878, The Citizens Theatre has gone through some changes and makeovers. However, throughout its rich history it has always kept a commitment to creating bold, brilliant and accessible theatre at its heart.

"The Citizens Theatre is probably more important as part of Britain's heritage than perhaps many imagined” Iain MacIntosh, Theatre Specialist

Famous around the world for its welcoming and supportive environment, many actors and writers today credit the Citizens Theatre for helping to start their careers.

With famous alumni including Pierce Brosnan, Celia Imrie, Rupert Everett, Helen Baxendale, Alan Rickman and Tim Curry – whose infamous costume he wore in the film version of Rocky Horror Picture Show, was created at The Citz – the theatre is rich with history and stories from throughout the decades.

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Our record of past Citizens productions extends back to 1969. All material related to productions prior to this are now held by the Scottish Theatre Archive (part of their Special Collections department) at the University of Glasgow. Most of TAG’s archive is also held there.