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Scherzo for Piano and Stick

Visiting Company

A dramatic duologue for piano and stick performed by Mia Theil Have and composer Nikola Kodjabashia.

Nikola’s distinctive and theatrical musical style has provided the soundtrack to many Citizens’ productions in recent years, including Crime and Punishment, Hamlet, A Christmas Carol, This Restless House and Hansel & Gretel.

Created as an homage to Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli’s celebrated 1970’s cartoon series, La Linea, Mia Theil Have performs with a 1.9m-long wooden stick in a fast-paced, meticulously crafted physical performance punctuated with short poems by Peter Oswald. Nikola’s original live score moves between contemporary classical, world music and jazz. Scherzo is a shifting landscape of images and emotions, a kaleidoscope of imaginative transformations which are in turn light and impish and darkly unsettling.

A Riotous Company production

Main Theatre

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