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A classic of modern theatre, Beckett’s absurd and macabre play stars David Neilson and Chris Gascoyne.

Languishing between life and death, the tyrant Hamm (played by David Neilson) and his dutiful but resentful companion Clov (Chris Gascoyne) are irrevocably bound to one another.

They pass their days in a filthy, bare room, caught in a loop of futile routines. Their endless and brutal verbal jousting match is punctured only by the nostalgic reminiscing of Hamm’s parents, reduced to living in rubbish bins.

Absurd and macabre, Endgame makes a grim joke of life, and finds laughter in the darkness. Dominic Hill, Artistic Director of the Citizens Theatre, brings his talent for gripping and absorbing contemporary interpretations of classic texts to Beckett’s masterpiece.

Endgame at Home, Manchester

26 Feb - 12 Mar
£10 - £29.50

Endgame is a co-production with HOME, Manchester’s new centre for international contemporary art, theatre, film and books.

Co-production between Citizens Theatre and Home, Manchester

Main Theatre

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    Rated: (5/5), based on 5 ratings

Previews 4 & 5 Feb
Audio Described: 18 Feb, 7.30pm
Signed: 12 Feb, 7.30pm
Captioned: 20 Feb, 2.30pm

Wheelchair Access
Guide Dogs welcome
Induction Loop


Director - Dominic Hill
Designer - Tom Piper
Lighting Designer - Lizzie Powell

Clov - Chris Gascoyne
Nagg - Peter Kelly
Hamm - David Neilson
Nell - Barbara Rafferty


“a meticulously delineated stage world that never loosens its grip for an enthralling hour and a half”
The Herald ★★★★★

“Hill, the Citz’s artistic director, has chalked up a clear win for them here”
What’s on Stage ★★★★★

“it hits home with nihilistic force”The Guardian ★★★★

“Hill’s production creates a haunting sense of the world beyond these bare walls”
The Times (£) ★★★★

“tremendous purity of bleakness about Dominic Hill’s masterly production”The Scotsman★★★★

“a suitably reverential treatment”
Reviews Hub ★★★★½

“fresh spin on Beckett is earthy, and unearthly”
The List★★★★

Dominic Hill successfully shows that Samuel Beckett Endgame is as fresh and disturbing as ever
Broadway Baby★★★★

“funnier, better paced, more thoughtful, and strangely beautiful compared to previous interpretations”
Strathclyde Telegraph


“It doesn’t spoonfeed you. It doesn’t tell you what to think. That’s your job.”
Endgame stars tell Sunday Mail what audiences can expect from the play

“I need to be with people I want to work with…and the Citizens ticks the boxes”. David Neilson talks about taking time away from Coronation Street to perform in Endgame Evening Times

“We mustn’t complicate it into an intellectual exercise, because it so ain’t.”
Chris Gascoyne talks to The Herald

“The Citz have a great reputation and always have had. Everything fell into place with a good director, good company and a great play.” David Neilson talks about how the timing was perfect for Endgame at the Citizens Theatre. The Daily Record

“Beckett is for everybody. He isn’t middle-class, highbrow theatre. He’s just not.” David Neilson and Chris Gascoyne discuss the universal and enduring appeal of Endgame. The Guardian

“I first came across Beckett at drama school and I felt I had some emotional connection with him,” Chris Gascoyne talks about his relationship with Beckett and his conscientious approach to acting Evening Times



18th February 2016

Hilariously dark and dry, analysing the futility of life at its end. Recognising the silly dance of repetition in each enduring day; the absurdly funny three-legged fake dog and play on words which offered the two funniest lines in the entire play was too subtle for most. Therein lies the deepest humour. The awareness of what lies ahead for many offers each member of the audience some moments for deep reflection, should they wish to take it. Clever and keeps you wondering (are you sure you have it figured out?). Left wanting to see it again! Excellent performances all round.

Anne McGivern

13th February 2016

Just back from the matinee performance of Endgame. Knew nothing of the play prior to my visit. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, superb acting, especially the comedic timing from Chris Gascoyne. You could analyse every word and gesture or just enjoy the wonderful experience of live theater expertly executed. A huge thank you to all involved.

Joe Gardner

8th February 2016

The performances of Neilson and Gascoyne were absolutely incredible. Even if you failed to grasp some aspects of the play, I couldn't help to be engaged by the two leads. The play was destructively dark with an edge of humour. Heart-stopping stuff. Loved it.

Gary Graham

6th February 2016

Absolutely amazing performances from everyone. Much funnier than I thought it was going to be, in a dark way of course. I thoroughly enjoyed Endgame and would highly recommend it. I left the theatre thinking "I could easily go and see this again".

Sophie McNaughton

5th February 2016

I loved the show! I studied Beckett in English at school and have been a big fan since. I wrote a review of Endgame at Citizens on my blog. You can read a snippet below: 'Hill’s fresh adaptation of Endgame is funnier, better paced, more thoughtful, and strangely beautiful compared to previous interpretations. While the classic grim play finds light in the dark and inspires numerous belly laughs, Endgame has also left this Glasgow audience with an overthinking-induced sore head as well as a sore heart...' You can read the full review here:

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Thu 18 February 6.15pm
£6 (£4 concessions)
A pre-show event exploring the challenges and joys of Beckett’s masterpiece.

Endgame Production Images
Deaf Theatre Club Night: Fri 12 Jan

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, we want to make sure you can enjoy the best night out at the Citizens Theatre. Find out more about the Deaf Theatre Club.

Photos from the Endgame rehearsal room

Endgame Rehearsal images