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Doctor Faustus

Citizens Theatre


Christopher Marlowe’s mythic tale of mankind’s greed for power is given a modern day twist in our new co-production with West Yorkshire Playhouse, directed by Dominic Hill, with two acts re-written by Colin Teevan. Watch new trailer

Faustus is restless for knowledge and his insatiable desire for notoriety has driven him to make a pact with the devil in return for the power to perform the black arts. 

This life-changing decision propels him into the heady world of the rich and famous as he becomes a globe-trotting magician to the stars.  At last, women pay him attention, celebrities want to be his friend and he has the world at his feet to manipulate as he pleases.

But was the price worth paying?

Featuring Kevin Trainor as Doctor Faustus and Siobhan Redmond as Mephistopheles. From the same writer and director team behind the smash hit, Peer Gynt, described as “the finest piece of classic theatre Scotland has produced in half a decade.” The Scotsman



Wed 17 April | 4.30-6.30pm
(followed by show at 7.30pm)
£10 for workshop & show ticket
Dominic Hill offers a unique and practical insight into the making of the production.
For students and secondary pupils 14+.

You can buy the Doctor Faustus script in our online store for just £3.50.

We all want what we can’t have. But what price would we pay to get it?

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Previews 5-6 Apr
Audio Described 11 Apr
Signed 18 Apr
Captioned 25 Apr
Wheelchair Access
Guide Dogs welcome
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Recommended for 14+
Sexual references.

Cast and Creative team >

Siobhan Redmond - Mephistopheles
Kevin Trainor - Doctor Faustus
Ann Louise Ross - Good Angel
Leah Brotherhead - Wagner
Esther Ruth Elliott - Duchess, Robyn
Alasdair Hankinson - Devil, Scholar,  Party Attendee
Christopher Keegan - Cornelius
John Kielty - Valdes
Gary Lilburn - Lucifer, Pope,  Bruno, President
Oliver Wilson - Bad Angel


Directed by Dominic Hill
Written by Christopher Marlowe and Colin Teevan
Designed by Colin Richmond
Lighting Design by Tim Mitchell
Composer & Sound Designer Dan Jones
Assistant Director Andrew Whyment
Illusions Designed by James Freedman & Ben Hart


“The devil has all the best moves.”
The List

“this clever and creative reinvention “
Sunday Herald

“Life, old chum, isn’t a rehearsal…this astutely provocative take on Marlowe is a pungent reminder of that.”
The Herald (April 2013)

“Who doesn’t want to see a man sell his soul to the devil?”
Glasgow South & Eastwood Extra

“Conjuring combines with choreography, burlesque with political satire, poetry with pantomime, in a staging that speaks to today”
The Herald (February 2013)

“an exciting and daringly realised production which is a thing of beauty to watch”
The Independent

“Hell isn’t just other people: it’s backstage in this new version of the story of the scholar who sold his soul to the devil.”
The Guardian

“a blistering, disturbing take on the culture of fleeting modern celebrity”
The Public Reviews

“an ambitious punch of modern theatre which will leave its audience asking questions”
Entertainment Focus

“ambitious, captivating, stimulating and funny”
British Theatre Guide

“bold and brave”
tqs Magazine

“a bold and memorable piece of theatre”
Leeds List

“a compelling production which makes full use of an excellent ensemble cast”
Love Leeds Radio

“a magnificent, show-stopping performance from the dazzling Siobhan Redmond as Mephistopheles - Performance of the Week”
The Scotsman

“we’re left dumbfounded by some highly accomplished illusions”
Daily Telegraph



”“Opportunities and productions like these don’t grow on trees.”
Kevin Trainor spoke to STV about playing the lead in Doctor Faustus

“Our Faustus opts for Las Vegas, showgirls, orgies, and loads of drink, as many of us might. He meets rock stars and all of that. It’s pretty shallow what he goes for.”
Kevin Trainor on our 21st version of Marlowe’s Faustus in Sunday Herald

“if someone says, ‘Do you want to play ­Mephistopheles in Dr Faustus?’ you kind of have to say yes.”
Siobhan Redmond in Sunday Mail

“I want to make classic work that feels contemporary, vibrant and alive, and Dominic is the most obvious person for me to get in to do that.”
West Yorkshire Playhouse Artistic Director James Brining in Scotland on Sunday

“Faustus’s despair is a despair we still recognise today – a feeling of being damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”
The Guardian spoke to Dominic Hill and Colin Teevan in rehearsals for Doctor Faustus

“Mephistopheles has had another life, and is both Arthur and Martha.”
Siobhan Redmond on her role in Doctor Faustus to The Herald

“If Spielberg is our contemporary Shakespeare, Tarantino is our Marlowe”
Writer Colin Teevan in Exeunt on his new acts for Doctor Faustus

“Our Faustus is like a Derren Brown figure…I’m not saying Derren Brown sold his soul to the devil, although I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it”
Kevin Trainor on his modern-day Doctor Faustus on What’s on stage



20th June 2013

Loved this!


24th April 2013

Came to Faustus because of Siobhan Redmond who was mind blowing in Dunsinane. THe most powerful stage actress of our time and excellent as Mephistopheles. This production of Faustus was fantastic - in all senses. Loved every minute, and my partner actually stayed awake and enjoyed himself ....until the last scene when after an endless soliloquy Faustus died with a whimper rather than the bang he should go out on. What happened I wondered? It felt like the cast and the rest of the audience felt flat too.

James Wilson

12th April 2013

This is an inventive and thoughtful production, making for interesting discussion afterwards too. Clare is right about the ending (at least needs to be spoken with more gusto), but the rest is a fascinating ride. The reliance of God and Lucifer on each other is nicely brought out, though perhaps it is a bit one-sided to see every act of Lucifer as acknowledging God's creation, as in the same way every 'good' act of God only makes sense by creating its opposite 'evil' one. Kevin Trainor's Faustus is full of energy and human contradictions, brilliantly balanced by Siobhan Redmond's wistful Mephistopheles, who perceptively notes that the desires of Faustus are constrained by his limited imagination. But would it be as limited as portrayed? Every time we are showed Faustus disappointed by his lustful adventures, it is because the woman turns out to be played by a man. A mixing of the 'wrong' genders is taken throughout the production to be a cue for horror and ridicule - would Faustus not have widened his taste?


9th April 2013

Hi Clare, Thanks for your feedback for a preview performance. We're excited to see how the whole show (ending included) goes down. It's the big opening night tonight. Fingers crossed.

Clare Orr

7th April 2013

Wonderfully creative and modern but a weak stage ending.Please give your audience a stronger end to a powerful production.


18th March 2013

Hi Moira, It'll just be in Leeds and Glasgow I'm afraid. Sorry!

Moira Allingham

14th March 2013

I wondered if there were plans to bring this production to Edinburgh - at the Fringe maybe? It sounds fantastic but as we live in Edinburgh it would be great to see it here. We also have a big dog we don't like to leave too long!!!! Moira

Ryan James

27th February 2013

Maybe it will get a transfer to the west end........wouldn't that be something. The Flickr pictures are amazing. A feast for the eyes. Looks like Dominc and the team have pulled off something very special here. Can't wait to see it. Leeds and Glasgow are lucky to have such talent working in our cities. Don't miss it.


26th February 2013

I'm afraid Doctor Faustus will only be in West Yorkshire Playhouse (Leeds) and then the Citizens Theatre (Glasgow). You could come and build a city break around it!

les burton

26th February 2013

is Faust on tour? do you have venues, near London?

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See photos on Flickr - beware spoilers.

Read more about the controversial production of Doctor Faustus at the Close Theatre in 1965.