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Kids @ Citz Weekly Drama Classes

Citizens Learning

Drama classes for 4-18 year olds to help increase self-confidence and social skills, encourage creativity and imagination, and have fun!

We run three terms of drama classes for kids and teenagers (4-18 year olds).

Summer Term 2017

Sat 22 Apr - 18 Jun 2017 (8 sessions)


Kids@Citz Info Pack Summer 2017

Weekly drama fun for 4-18 year olds

Please see our Saturday Citizens page to find out more about our drama classes for young people aged 14 - 18 with a learning disability. 


  • 18 Jun 2017 to 18 Jun 2017
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    • Spring Term
    • 7 Jan - 19 Mar 2017
    • Summer Term
    • 22 Apr - 18 Jun 2017


Spring Term: £70 (10 sessions) - Paid in advance
Summer Term: £56 (8 sessions) - Paid in advance

Please note: that we do not offer online booking for Weekly Drama Classes. You must contact the Box Office directly in person or on 0141 429 0022.

Guide Dogs welcome

We serve frothy coffees and delicious home baking throughout the day in our Cafe & Bar so that parents, families and carers can relax in the foyer whilst the classes are running. The theatre also has a free car park and free WiFi available.


Sat 22 Apr - Sun18 Jun 2017


Tiny Citizens 4-5 years

10am-11am & 12.30pm-1.30pm

Little Citizens 6-8 years

10.15am-11.30am, 11.15am-12.15pm & 2.45pm-3.45pm

10.15am-11.30am, 11.15am-12.15pm & 2.30pm-3.30pm

Junior Citizens 9-11 years

Please note the age change
10.15am-11.45am, 11.45am-1.15pm & 2.45pm-4.15pm

10am-11.30am & 11.45am-1.15pm


Young Citizens 12-14 years

Please note the age change

11.45am-1.15pm & 2.30pm-4pm

Young Citizens 15-18 years



3 - 8 Apr 2017
A week-long course of drama activities for 6 - 14 years

10 Jul - 5 Aug
Two week courses of drama activities for 6 - 18 years



18th February 2016

Hilariously dark and dry, analysing the futility of life at its end. Recognising the silly dance of repetition in each enduring day; the absurdly funny three-legged fake dog and play on words which offered the two funniest lines in the entire play was too subtle for most. Therein lies the deepest humour. The awareness of what lies ahead for many offers each member of the audience some moments for deep reflection, should they wish to take it. Clever and keeps you wondering (are you sure you have it figured out?). Left wanting to see it again! Excellent performances all round.

Darren Walls

17th February 2016

Hi I went to see The Rifles with my school when it was out it was a brilliant play and the music was brilliant really got me moving but I was wondering if you have released the rest of the album on soundcloud or anything like that just to sing to in my spare time thanks.

Anne McGivern

14th February 2016

Just back from the matinee performance of Endgame. Knew nothing of the play prior to my visit. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, superb acting, especially the comedic timing from Chris Gascoyne. You could analyse every word and gesture or just enjoy the wonderful experience of live theater expertly executed. A huge thank you to all involved.

Joe Gardner

8th February 2016

The performances of Neilson and Gascoyne were absolutely incredible. Even if you failed to grasp some aspects of the play, I couldn't help to be engaged by the two leads. The play was destructively dark with an edge of humour. Heart-stopping stuff. Loved it.

Gary Graham

6th February 2016

Absolutely amazing performances from everyone. Much funnier than I thought it was going to be, in a dark way of course. I thoroughly enjoyed Endgame and would highly recommend it. I left the theatre thinking "I could easily go and see this again".

Sophie McNaughton

6th February 2016

I loved the show! I studied Beckett in English at school and have been a big fan since. I wrote a review of Endgame at Citizens on my blog. You can read a snippet below: 'Hill’s fresh adaptation of Endgame is funnier, better paced, more thoughtful, and strangely beautiful compared to previous interpretations. While the classic grim play finds light in the dark and inspires numerous belly laughs, Endgame has also left this Glasgow audience with an overthinking-induced sore head as well as a sore heart...' You can read the full review here:


1st December 2015

Hi John, we recommend Rapunzel for everyone aged over 6 years. There is brand new pop-punk music performed live on stage by the cast, with Honeyblood drummer Cat Myers on drums. As with all of our festive productions, Rapunzel is a very theatrical show with an engaging story - we hope that your family will love it!

John Beattie

30th November 2015

At the other end of the family scale, is there enough artistic material & themes in Rapunzel to hold the attention of teenagers (15, 13)? Or is it more of a younger kids show?

Marion McPherson

15th November 2015

Cannot praise this production highly enough. Thank you for a most memorable evening. Choked up at "Most of Me". The only disappointment, no cd of the music available to buy!

Laura Handley

15th November 2015

Absolutely loved this, it was brilliant. Great storyline, acting, singing and funny too. X

Claire Chalmers

15th November 2015

Pure dead brilliant!!!


15th November 2015

Saw the opening night and loved it so much - brought my 13 year old to matinee today and she also loved it. Wonderful - for vast age range, amazing songs, superb acting and script. The power of singing and music... excellent.

Lisa Barnett

14th November 2015

Last night was my second visit to the performance. Didn't want it to end. Enthralling. After the final song, just sat there........hoping the cast would come back on stage for an encore!!

Stu Bailey

9th November 2015

We loved it. It was amazing. Fantastic singing, great timed comedy and superb acting. I cannot recommend it enough

Jason Perry

8th November 2015

Fabulous performance from all of the cast, particularly found the character of Scott (Scott Reid) very funny, superb performance, it's the best show I have seen in a long time, a must see!


5th November 2015

Fab show mixed with happy and sad moments cast were excellent would go and see it again .

Cole Stewart

5th November 2015

Loved the show! Would go back in a second! Such a great story that captures so much in one play, amazing songs and vocals from the actors. The staging, lighting, costumes were all perfect for this musical. This really is a must see production!

Ann Hughes

2nd November 2015

Absolutely fantastic thoughly enjoyed the show. The singing was so good and the play very funny


2nd November 2015

Saw this last night, genuinely brilliant. Performances were encapsulating, funny, moving and by far the best theatre I have seen in years. Well done

Rhona Franklin

30th October 2015

Saw the Choir last night with 23 friends from City Voice Choir.Blown away..fantastic bit of theatre!!xx

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