Captain Amazing

Captain Amazing

Have you ever met a superhero? A real superhero?

What if superheroes were all around us, quietly walking the streets, working in offices, or taking their children to school?

Mark, a reticent young man, is impelled into articulacy, action and superherodom by the arrival of his daughter, Emily. You see, some superheroes don’t know they are superheroes until they become fathers.

Captain Amazing tells the story of the transformative power of fatherhood, everyday acts of courage and how even the invincible aren’t immune to tragedy.

Award-winning Alistair McDowall’s funny, inventive and poignant one-man show was showered with glittering reviews after its world premiere at Live Theatre, Newcastle and the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, receiving a national tour in 2014.

Captain Amazing once again takes flight in a brand new Citizens Theatre production presented in our Circle Studio.

With thanks to the Robertson Trust for their support of Actor Intern Nicholas Ralph.

    28 Mar7.30pm
    29 Mar7.30pm
    30 Mar7.30pm
    31 Mar2.30pm
    31 Mar7.30pm
Circle Studio


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