A Night To Remember

A Citizens Theatre Community Production
A Night To Remember

Exactly a hundred years ago in the Gorbals, as World War One draws towards its bloody close, audience and performers, soldiers and civilians, prepare for a big night out in the theatre to help them forget their troubles. 

But those troubles come right into the auditorium with them: Russia is in revolution, Ireland is on the point of civil war, and this is the crossroads of a world in chaos on a night in the Royal Princess’s Theatre at 119 Gorbals Street that none of them will ever forget.

Performed by a company drawn from our local community and from across Glasgow, A Night to Remember will be the last production presented by the Citizens Theatre before we begin our redevelopment project.

    Date Time Information
    23 May 7.30pm
    24 May 7.30pm
    25 May 7.30pm
    26 May 7.30pm
Main Theatre