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SOS - Scarfed for Life


A hard hitting 45 minute play based on the experiences of young people in Glasgow of discrimination and prejudice, for secondary school students.

A modern parable set against the backdrop of the first Old Firm clash of the season. Funny, hard-hitting and thought provoking; Scarfed for Life tells the story of two teenage friends caught in the crossfire of polite suburban prejudice and garden equipment. 
This play drews on what sectarianism and prejudice actually means to young Glaswegians and how it affects them and their peers.
In June 2011 the Citizens Theatre worked with over 80 young people from 4 Glasgow schools to find out what they thought about the ongoing problem of prejudice and how we can together develop and move on. The clear message from the young people was that they have had enough of the anti-social behaviour and climate of hate associated with sectarianism and that adults need to grow up…

A partnership project with Sense over Sectarianism and TAG


  • June - September 2011
Scarfed for Life will be touring secondary schools in Glasgow during September. This project is funded by Sense over Sectarianism
Sponsored by Scott+Co

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Lynn Kennedy
Leann O’Kasi
Chris McCann
Caitlin Fielding
Scott McKay
Jack Mullen
Edison McKenna

Written by Martin Travers
Directed by Kate Black & Neil Packham

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